Frequently Asked Questions
What are the payment methods on PTCADVERTISE?

Payeer,Perfect Money and PayPal.

What are the earning ways on PTCADVERTISE?

Viewing advertisements,referring others,completing Paid to sign up offers, completing offers,winning from PTCgrid,Upgrading membership,renting referrals and more.

Do I need to upgrade account to make a withdrawal from ptcadvertise?

Yes.You have to hold an upgraded membership to receive a payment.And you'll receive 200% of your investment each time.

How much ROI do you have?

We have 200% ROI.So,you'll receive 200% of your investment each  time.

Why you do not pay standard members?

Normally,we are an advertising agency and we help people to advertise easily and we pay upgraded members only as they help to make our website more stable by bringing more advertisers to our website.

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