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Terms of Service


Our terms of service :


By signing up and using our services you are bound to abide by our terms and conditions.Following terms and conditions are applicable:


1.Eligibility: To sign up on PTCadvertise you must be at least 10 years old.


2.Responsiblities: To protect our site information everywhere is your major responsibility.You can not post a negative comment anywhere before submitting a support ticket to our support team.You should always help our services and think positively about us.


3.Advertisements: You shouldn’t add any adult advertisement on our site.


4.Payment methods: We pay via Payeer and PerfectMoney payment method.


5.Multiple accounts: We do not allow multiple accounts on our site.


6.Anti-cheat: If anybody wants to cheat us using VPN or bot system or violate any section of our TOS,he/she will be suspended without any delay and without any notice.


7.We reserve rights to make any change on our site.

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